RELEASE NOTES IPC-8500 Release 13 (11-060-01-X-FMC-13) IPC10010 Main application version 1.0.10 05/28/13 Added IR_RX_Init and IR_RX_Taskmgr to main.c Upped version to 24 RELEASE NOTES IPC-8500 Release 10 (11-060-01-X-FMC-10) IPC10010 Main application version 1.0.10 07/09/12 NOTE: This upgrade is REQUIRED: It fixes a flaw in the bootloader: it does not store the Product ID/Revision data, but expects this data to be present for determining code upgrade actions (as other PW products: 9998 upgrade if Product ID compares with stored ID, 9999 to force an unconditional upgrade). This fix allows the current release of bootloader to remain in the installed base. To fix the bootloader problem, the application will store the Product ID/Revision string “IPCA00nn” in EEPROM at the memory location expected by bootloader IF the Revision has changed. It will then use this data. In this release, nn = 2 least-significant digits of (PP_FIRMWARE_REVISION) = 10 Future code upgrades by the bootloader will then use this data, in the same way as other PW products. NOTE: This upgrade is REQUIRED: LOADER.CFG forces the upgrade by using: ID = IPCA9999 [PGM] Name = IPC10010.hex Upgrades beyond this point will then use the ordinary LOADER.CFG directive, for example the next release will use: ID = IPCA0011 [PGM] Name = IPC10011.hex as expected. RELEASE NOTES IPC-8500 Release 09 (11-060-01-X-FMC-09) IPC10009 Main application version 1.0.9 06/18/12 Shut off outlets when under- or over-voltage detected, including those configured "Always On". Restore previous state of outlets when voltage returns to allowed range. RELEASE NOTES IPC-8500 Release 08 (11-060-01-X-FMC-08) IPC10008 Main application version 1.0.8 Version 1.0.8 03/24/12 • Fix A/D bug causing system to run slow • Fix network connection indicator • Fix IR remote master power functions • Fix Trigger output initialization when TMO changed • Improved calibration step sizes • Continuous reading update on calibration page Version 1.0.7 2/29/12 • Add TMO=On mode • Change default host name • Fix zone initialization on reboot • Add “independent” delay mode • Debug amps reading • Change TMO/TMI default to IR • Modify variable list in RA command • Modify variable list in RS command • Add RD (diagnostics) command PHO104XX Phone Wave Files version 1.04 (Unchanged in release 08) (Unchanged in release 07) (Unchanged from PowerPlay 8000/9000) WEB115A0 Internal Web pages version 1.15.A0 (Unchanged from release 07) Version 1.15.A0 • Add Unit ID to network page • Show meter readings on status page • Change calibration buttons • Fix column alignments